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Lulu, omg the moment I saw her appear I was captivated. She’s just perfect. Everything down to her smile, sweet and caring she is, she’s one of a kind. She definitely excelled at doing her job without a doubt hands down made me incredibly happy the way she treated me, like I was really cared for. Thank you so much!

– Jeff, Oct 2018

Thanks Lulu for the wonderful time spend for me. Your kiddish smiles 🙂 Loving you more Will meet you soooon dear 🙂

– Jack, Dec 2018

Lulu is an extraordinary beauty, a very rare kind to find. Thanks to Kingscourt for giving the opportunity to meet her. Her eyes, her sexy French accent…..I can’t forget a moment even when I leave the place. She is such a smart and intelligent girl. Her superfriendly behaviour makes everything so comfortable. She is a person with beauty and the brain. Thanks Lulu for being so amazing. You are an angel.

– Ash, August 2018

Thanks Lulu. She is the best. Waiting to see u next time 🙂

– Deepak, Aug 2018

My first experience at Kings Court was the best. Slow, gentle and very exciting. Lulu is a beautiful girl inside and out.

– Steve, July 2018