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Hi, this is Big John the owner of Kings Court Massage.

So we started to make cartoon advertising. We had to think up what kind of characters and what kind of stories. Some of our customers mentioned that they would never tell their bosses where they went for fear of meeting them half naked in a party spa. Of course we immediately did the above story about the boss who pays a bit more and uses the private room and of course has a two girl massage. He fails to have a heart attack and goes away quite happy.

We then heard that some guys were very keen not to bring along certain of their friends as they would misbehave and embarrass them in front of the girls that they saw on a regular basis. From this we created a despicable character known as St. James. The small panel above has St. James trying to get Wilson to tell him where he and the boys go. The following cartoons have him always not quite finding out and getting into strife as well. I will run some of the best ones over the next few weeks, right here.

There were so many true funny stories at Kings Court for ideas for us to produce over fifty full-page colour advertisements that appeared in the back page of Australia Penthouse. We later, like this page, had to clothe the characters so they could appear in the local newspapers when they began printing in colour.

We then developed another character called Dave who is a working class guy who sets out to go to Kings Court but each week he would get into strife. Like Gilligan’s Island he never actually gets to make it there to Kings Court but along the way he meets lots of characters like Doctor Who, Jack Nicholson and Elvis serving hot dogs in Newtown which was a rumour at the time. We produced over fifty of those and they appeared in magazines such as People and Scoop as single strip colour cartoons.

So you see, there was a time when advertising was viable but after a while if became very expensive and did not get the results to make it worthwhile. Today we invite readers to refer to our web site that has a lot of information about how men can enjoy the harmless fun that is Kings Court.

We are currently looking for new ladies who would like to be a little bit naughty and do a massage with a happy ending. It is a safe place to work, where you do not do full service and everyone knows someone who could handle a bit of a discrete financial boost. It is ideal as a part time or casual job and you are paid daily on a cash basis. When you start we get one of the regular girls to show you how to do your first massage. We have off street parking for ladies with cars and for your interview you can park in the Broadway Shopping Centre near our discreet rear entry at 18 Grose Street Glebe 2037. This address is the best way to find us using GPS plotting. If you look at the website at Kings Court Massage is the best place for the first time customer to meet the first time girl.