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Kings Court Massage Girls Blog

Real stories from real girls. Occasionally our massage ladies have time to write about their experiences working in massage, and we share their stories here. Ever wondered what it’s like to work in nude massage? Read on!

Why I got a job at a Happy Ending Massage Parlour

Why I got a job at a Happy Ending massage parlour A few months ago, I started working in a “happy ending” massage parlour in Sydney and the one thing I keep asking myself over and over is why didn’t I do this sooner? Because although you probably don’t...

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10 real life skills you need to be an erotic masseuse

There are many people who believe that the gaps in the resumes of sex workers reflect holes in our skill sets – that we can’t possibly have developed life skills because we live and work in a ‘fantasy world’. But being an erotic masseuse involves the use and...

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5 types of Erotic Massage Clients

From the point of view of a new lady at Kings Court I’ve been working in the massage industry for about 8 months now and in that time, have come across all sorts of people. I will admit most have been lovely men with such colourful personalities, while others have...

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